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Heatwave Studio - Mufakose township - Harare - Zimbabwe

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featuring Zimbabwean recording artist Junior. The clip was shot in 3 takes at a passa passa at hearwave studios Mufakose township in the western outskirts of Harare at around midnight.

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View the latest post Zimbabwe hip-hop - Nicko Tee - Mbare

I am Nickolson Tinashe Hlapo a.k.a Nicko Tee. I am a dancehall artist age 22. I started music at a tender age but i never knew that i can b a musican coz i always thought I am a better footballer. I wrote this song coz that's where I was born. It's the mocked place that produces, apart from tabloid headlines, most emperorz in all kinds of industries in Zimbabwe.

If you like check out http://www.hiphop-profile.com/zimtracs for more tracks and clips from Zim.
Contact: nickotee@zimcity.com

In case you don't know what "Mbare" is about:

Mbare is a high-density southern suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe. It is home to one of the country's largest soccer team, Dynamos, also known to its fans as "Dembare." It was the first high-density suburb (township), being established in 1907. At that time, it was located near the city cemetery, sewage works, and abattoir. It was originally called Harare (Hariri) Township, a name later on used for the capital city itself. Harare is a corruption of Haarari, meaning 'One who never sleeps'.

Mbare's most famous attraction is the large food and vegetable market, Zimbabwe's busiest bus station and a second-hand clothing market.

Significant portions of Mbare were destroyed during the operation Murambatsvina, locally nick-named "tsunami", in May 2005. Mbare's features include Rufaro stadium as well as Stodart hall, which houses bodies of state veterans ahead of burial.

a preston rolls video

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Hakeem Onibudo in Mbare

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The festival Of Arts (HIFA) in conjunction with the British Council saw the coming of Hakeem Onibudo’s UK based
hip-hop dance crew , who graced the streets of Mbare before the opening of the show to check out and educate
local talent.

The group, made up of five members of different cultures and backgrounds joint by their love and passion for hip-
hop, enjoyed watching the Zimcity Crew perform to cheers of the crowd.

Opening day of HIFA (26th of April) also saw the curtains rise at the Seven Arts Theatre as Hakeem and his crew
put up their first act in the festival, hip-hop as poetry which interprets, story-tells and inspires. It was a full house,
the group, as well as the act ‘Hip-hop Is In Me’, was well received with the crowd participating throughout the show.

The crew had two performances in the week long festival and after their second performance on Wednesday 27th of
April, they still had the time to host a short seminar at the National Ballet Company which was open to the public.
People learnt about hip-hop and also got to feel it through crumping and poping.

The ZimCity team invited Hakeem and his crew to ’The Basement’ where upcoming hip-hop crews battled and shared
their views on hip-hop dance. Unfortunate they had to leave Harare before the festival ended to go back to the UK. However, they did leave people in Mbare and elsewhere united in love, understanding and respect of hip-hop.


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